2012 Collection - Opus 118-127

The Cosmic Landscape II - Opus 118
(Acrylic on Canvas 24x24)

Parallel Universe - Opus 119
(Acrylic on Canvas 12x12)

Through a Wormhole - Opus 120
(Acrylic on Canvas 12x12)

Relativity  - Opus 121
(Acrylic on Canvas 18x24)

Theory of Everything- Opus 122
(Acrylic on Canvas 24x30)

Ego at the Door - Opus 123
(Acrylic on Canvas 24x36)

Dealing With the Pain - Opus 124
(Acrylic on Canvas 24x30)

Emerald Morning- Opus 125
(Acrylic on Canvas 12x12)

A Walk on the National Mall- Opus 126
(Acrylic on Canvas 12x12)

Heart Felt- Opus 127
(Acrylic on Canvas 12x12)


Marie said...

Emerald Morning and Ego at the Door captivated me, and I especially love the last two as well. It sure is nice to keep seeing your work as it comes out.

Jen said...

I really love Ego at the Door and Dealing With the Pain. Your work in combination with your titles really stand out to me on these two.

Alan said...

Thanks Jen and Marie. I appreciate your comments.